Dr Lauren Steinfort – volunteer Chiropractic

I have had the most wonderful five weeks here at Alastair and Pat’s JTTI school and Wellness Centre. Alastair and Pat have been very welcoming, as has Phil, the main teaching volunteer. I have thoroughly enjoyed their company, hospitality, stories and sense of humor. Our communal dinners have been a highlight, and I can confidently say that the best food and drink comes out of our kitchen :)

The culture here in Zanzibar is very different to home (Melbourne) and learning about the Muslim culture and belief system has been interesting and quite thought provoking.

The Wellness Centre is well set up and has an excellent reputation across Zanzibar. I was surprised at how far people are willing to travel to seek help and advice with some people coming from Pemba and Kenya. Others journey for hours from other parts of this island. Equally amazing are the various types of conditions which people present with.  I have been honored to help these folks, and incredibly excited to see their positive healing results. Ali, my Swahili interpreter, has been a great help, and I have been very grateful for his patience with me as I have tried to learn the basics of this fun language!

Zanzibar is stunning and quite diverse. Mama Pat and Ali Baba are conveniently located in Jambiani which so far seems to be immune from too much rain. Consequently, I have loved my afternoon walks and swims along this postcard perfect beach.

Thank you very much Ali Baba and Mama Pat for having me, as I have had the most amazing, humbling, rewarding experience. Adjusting in a Western world will never be quite the same again.