Fabi – volunteer for the Jambiani TourismTraining Institute

Jambo, Fabi here.

In the world that we live nowadays specially in the big cities, our lives are a big rush with not much time for thinking about what is happening around the world. I always wanted to make time in my life to come out of my bubble to help people in need and it was one of the most amazing decisions of my life.

I did a lot of research about what I could do because I really wanted to try help people connected to the Tourism sector which I have been working in now over 8 years, and through a friend in London I found out about JTTI- Jambiani Training Tourism Institute.  Zanzibar is a beautiful island with very welcoming and lovely people. It didn’t take too long to adapt ourselves to the Swahili culture and to start suffering from TR (terminal relaxation) as Alastair told us that would happen.
It was great to be part of the student’s life day by day. I will never forget their sweet faces and their big smiles. I miss them already.   Like we say time flies and I can’t believe that we are leaving already.

These are our last days at JTTI after almost 3 months of volunteering as teachers. My partner and I are very thankful and happy to have had the opportunity to come over to Zanzibar – Jambiani Village to share this amazing experience of teaching locals in Africa.

We would like to thank Pat and Al (the Directors of the Institute)  for giving us the opportunity to be part of JTTI history, for making us feel welcome and at home as part of the family. We had some fun times with our house mate Basil, and it was great watching the students put into practice what they had learnt in the kitchen and restaurant with lunches and Friday dinners.

We wish all the best to Pat, Al and Basil and hope we can catch up soon somewhere in world!!!

Asante Sana