Natasha Caroli – massage therapist

When Ali Baba (Alastair) asked me to write a blog about my experience here over the past month I took a minute, sat on the hammock which I had claimed as my own over this past month, closed my eyes and listened to the waves crashing on the beach. I realized, “How do I write about a place that leaves me lost for words at the end of each day?”  That’s difficult right? Well I’ll try anyways.

It is day 23! What a shock where have the days gone? I really wish I could tell you, but they have literally gone right past me and now I sit here thinking about how to repack my suitcase and head back to the place I call home, Canada. I came here with the intentions of providing care to those in need as well as teaching them the importance of taking care of their health and how they can do that even with their lifestyle. Little did I know that this place and these people would unintentionally return the favor back to me.

I have never treated anyone like the people I have seen in the clinic here. I accepted the challenge =). They tested my knowledge; I utilized skills I forgot I had. Their issues here although very understandable and predictable to their lifestyle are much different to our own. Just to put it into perspective. If you think we have tight muscles, you only need to touch one of the local’s erector spinae and you’ll think differently about your own issues. At times I felt like I was massaging a concrete wall. I will never complain about my aches and pains again.

But through seeing all their pain there has been no greater feeling then hearing the appreciation in each persons voice when they enthusiastically thank me, while stumbling off the table all googly eyed, some would stop do a little butt jiggle, maybe even a little dance, or even jump in the air just to express how much greater they felt. We’d laugh exchange a smile and they’d be on their way until next week when they would come back again because they worked so hard they undid all the work I had done. This was alright though I looked forward to seeing each of them every week.

I have not spent one day on this island without a smile on my face. Everyone on this earth could learn a lot from the locals here. “Hakuna Matata” it means no worries, a saying many around here live by. They live each day working harder then any person I know and yet still find the time to greet everyone and never stress, Zanzabari time, it’s a real thing,  I wish I could live like that back home.

As the people have left a staple on my heart I can’t forget the mark this land has left. I was here mainly to help but getting to swim in the beautiful clear ocean, walk along the beach, sit under a coconut tree and even get a little tan was just a tiny plus to my adventure. The land is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, with each sunrise, sunset and rain storm its beauty and heat will be something I will never forget. Picture perfect scenery you normally would see in a magazine or a movie. Truly remarkable.

So as I continue on through my last week I do look forward to seeing my family friends and even my dog =). But I will never forget the sound of the waves crashing against the sand, the kids laughing, the subtle “asante sana” after each treatment, the constant sound of “Jambo!” in the air and the welcoming smiles I saw each and every day.
Kwaheri Jambiani
Asante Sana
Until next time =)

Natasha Caroli RMT