Steph and Chris – volunteers Jambiani Wellness Center

Chris and I have just two sleeps left here in the “Jam”…it’s hard to believe that a month has passed by already! In some ways it feels as though we’ve just arrived, and in others, like another lifetime since we left Victoria. The days here are so beautifully rich and full – it feels like so much has happened in four weeks and yet we also feel so incredibly rested. A perfect balance! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the patients who come to see us in clinic and also to have the opportunity to work alongside my husband, Chris. Most of what we treat in the clinic is musculo-skeletal pain (many shoulder, neck and back complaints from all the hard labor they do here) and we ‘piggy-back’ our treatments. Happily, there has not been any issue with Chris massaging female patients (the vast majority of the population is Muslim) and people have been very receptive to acupuncture. Aside from pain relief, I have also treated several patients presenting with asthma and digestive problems. Word has also recently spread through the community that I specialize in pregnancy and fertility so I have been treating more gynecological issues as well.

Not only have we had a rewarding experience living and working in Jambiani, we’ve also thoroughly enjoyed playing here too! We’ve gone snorkeling, scuba diving, cave exploring, taken a shamba (farm) tour, wandered the alleys of Stonetown, gone on a spice tour, visited the famous caves where slaves were held and imprisoned during the late 1800’s, visited a park with the only remaining population of Colobus monkeys on earth and have gone for many, many fabulous walks along the beach. Zanzibar is truly a tropical paradise with so much to see and do!

We have enjoyed our stay in the “Jam” with Mama Pat and Ali Baba enormously… amazing food, fabulous guitar (and inspiration for me to start playing again too!) and truly wonderful company. Thanks for being such gracious hosts, we appreciate how much you have made us feel welcome and at home. We warmly look forward to seeing you both at our home this summer during your visit to Victoria! Kwahari na asante sana! Steph and Chris