The Training Institute

The Jambiani Tourism Training Institute (JTTI) provides a practical and theoretical education for local community stakeholders. Teaching of English and IT short courses started in the afternoons after clinic hours in 2002. Over the years, short courses in Food Production and Food Safety were added. With the opening of the School in 2006, the JTTI now offers a 2-year Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality – a vocational training curriculum which offers participants the opportunity to develop their skills needed to enter the tourism and hospitality industry and thereby improving their socio-economic conditions. In addition to the Diploma, the JTTI offers short courses in English, IT, Languages and other tourism/hospitality short courses. As well, a Train-the-Trainer course was recently completed by five trainees who are now available as trainers for the tourism and hospitality industry in Tanzania.

The purpose of this project is to develop an institutional facility to improve livelihoods through targeted interventions and capacity development in the tourism sector among the rural poor in Zanzibar. The focus is on youth and is equal-opportunity and gender inclusive, increasing training opportunities and employment for people with few other options.