Erinn Christie – volunteer massage therapist

During the three weeks I spent offering Massage Therapy alongside Alastair in the wellness clinic I was immersed in communication with the local people in Jambiani and people from all around the island. I learned alot about the people, their culture, and their physical ailments.

The lifestyle in this area is one that requires hard physical labour of both men and women. The need for pain and tension relief is very evident. It has been a gift to be able to provide some care, even for a short time. I was amazed at the patient’s attentiveness to homecare stretches and exercises. I could see people appreciating and absorbing the new information on how to care for their bodies, and they gave me the sense that they would definitely be incorporating this new learning into their daily lives.

It was an honor to work/play with Alastair in the clinic. He creates an atmosphere of relaxation, fun, laughter, open communication, and great conversation. All of which are so important for an environment of healing. My days at the clinic were always interesting, with some very special moments that I’ll never forget! Thank you, Asante Sana, for welcoming me into your Center and providing the space for me to give what I could. Jambiani and all of the people I’ve met there have a beautiful place in my heart. Thanks for being a place of inspiration, insight, and adventure!

Yours in gratitude,
Erinn Christie