• News – January 2012

    Posted on January 5, 2012

    Well first of all, Pat and I and the entire HABS team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all an amazing and inspiring 2012. We really hope that this year is a memorable one for everyone and that the constructive and positive energies predominate throughout bringing all good your way.

    It has been awhile since our last update and that has been in part due to the fact that most of our activities have been more or less following a steady and predictable course with not much change to report. The next school term is set to begin on January 16th and so in the meantime all of the students are either out gaining work experience in hotels or other tourism related venues or they are doing their work experience at Alibi’s Well. It is the high season here now so the restaurant has been busy and the students are getting an intense and rapid introduction to the food production and service side of their educational experience. We have been pretty impressed with the progress of our year one students and they are learning quickly and starting to feel more at ease with so many new situations coming their way. They are turning into a dynamite team and of course the year two students are on hand to mentor them and help them along when required.

    Sine and Ishwar are on holidays at the moment so we hope they have had a restful time and will be renewed and full of energy when they return. We sure appreciate those two!!

    As I mentioned some time ago, we are planning to update and upgrade our website and it looks like our IT specialist courtesy of VSO will be arriving here in February to facilitate that process. We are looking forward to bringing you a new site that brings together all of the changes and developments that have transpired here since our inception in 1999.

    The clinic has been closed for the holidays but we will be back on the 9th taking care of business as usual. On that note, we will soon be welcoming Adam and Jacqui, our next clinic volunteers. Adam and Jacqui combine Chiropractic and Osteopathic skills and I’m certain will bring a nice dynamic and enthusiastic presence to the center during their stay in February.

    We are still waiting for the engineer’s final report and recommendations after his review of tenders for the new construction project. We keep reminding ourselves that this is Zanzibar and we must give up our “need for speed” knowing that eventually everything will come together and we’ll be able to get on with this next challenge. We’re ready!!!!

    I thought I would add a few sunny pictures for those of you who are experiencing the winter season now.

    A short update but be assured, all is well here in the “Jam” and with our new website just around the bend I’m sure we will be able to bring you information in a more regular and organized format.

    Take care of one another and all good to you wherever you are in this moment.

    A and P and the HABS Team in the “Jam” :-)

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